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Donate and Help Keep Our Waterways & Oceans Clean

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic pollution enter our precious waterways & oceans each year – and 85% of this is conveyed by stormwater runoff.

And tragically, every 15 seconds, another 3 metric tons of plastic pollution is added to this burden. Together we can stop plastic pollution at the source, clean our waterways, and protect our environment.

We can build a world where global communities are informed, educated and committed to stopping plastic and urban pollution at the source – the home, the business, and the stormwater drain.

All donations over $2 are 100% tax-deductible. We are reliant on our generous Stormwater Supporters, Ambassadors and corporate partners to help us protect our precious waterways & oceans.

Positive Action

River Clean-Ups: One Waterway at a Time

Clean-ups help restore our precious waterways & oceans. We support and partner with our community of volunteers, Stormwater Ambassadors, corporate partners, and river-based groups to make a difference. Every waterway counts.


Educating Our Communities & Partners

Changing mindsets when it comes to stormwater is part of our mission. We provide education resources, public presentations and webinars to help our community, local businesses, and corporate partners to create positive change.


Changing Minds About Stormwater

We provide solutions to decision-makers, local & federal government, and councils on how to fund, implement, manage and maintain stormwater correctly. Your donations help to create long-term sustainable approaches to controlling stormwater pollution.


Research Grants & White Papers

We collaborate with local communities, councils, and care groups to investigate ways to improve stormwater management. From grant funding to whitepapers – we can future-proof our communities, mitigate flooding, harvest stormwater and create better water quality outcomes.

More ways to support us

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Become a Stormwater Supporter

Join our community and make a pledge to reduce your plastic footprint. Learn about changes you can make to fight pollution in our waterways.

Share Us

Stormwater Shepherds would love to hear from you on social media – find us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.


Want to learn more about stormwater? Our resource packs, blogs and media kits can help you to spread the word and help us ensure healthier waterways – it all starts with sustainable stormwater management.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We love helping local businesses, corporate groups and shareholders to meet their CSR goals and participate in a cleaner water future. It’s an investment in the future of the planet!

Corporate Partnership

Join us as a corporate partner – we have a range of content packages, event sponsorships and team building options. Stormwater Shepherds is Australia’s first and foremost stormwater charity.

Together we can stop stormwater pollution where it starts

The home, the business and the stormwater drain.