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Petrie Creek Clean-Up 2022: Restoring Nambour’s Waterways

Petrie Creek Clean-Up Kayak

Stormwater Shepherds was overjoyed with the result of the 2022 Petrie Creek Clean-Up, which saw close to 1,500 pieces of wildlife endangering rubbish, debris, and refuse removed from the Nambour catchment.

Following the success of 2021’s Clean-Up, this year’s event was sponsored by SPEL Stormwater, whose team members joined over twenty-five volunteers to make the day a resounding success.

Thank you to all attendees for their amazing work creating a cleaner future for the creek and its wildlife.

We appreciate the ongoing support of the local community – and Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group and Sunshine Coast Council for their support.

Pollution Removal: Protecting Local Wildlife

Preventing rubbish from being conveyed downstream helps to protect our native flora and fauna.

With Petrie Creek winding into Sunshine Coast’s waterways via the Maroochy River, clean-ups contribute to the protection of the local environment and its wildlife populations.

During the day, many pieces of discarded fishing gear were removed from the creek, such as yabby traps and fishing lines. These items pose a threat to local Platypus populations – with these local monotremes at risk of entanglement and death.

Removal of these items helps to maintain safe habitats for these amazing native animals and creates a healthier future for the creek’s ecosystem.

Sustainable design approaches with well-funded stormwater infrastructure help to stop urban pollution at the source.

Failure to capture waste before it is conveyed downstream can lead to catastrophic environmental impacts – and outlines the ways we need to respond as a community. Direct action is an important part of ensuring plastic waste and rubbish is stopped before reaching our rivers and oceans. Together we can manage and sustain our riverine environments.

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