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October 2021 Newsletter



Stormwater Shepherds, the one-stop shop for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Welcome to Stormwater Shepherds inaugural newsletter. We’ll bring you the latest research, solutions and alternatives to our planet’s growing use of plastic and urban pollution. Our mission is to stop plastic and urban pollution at the source – the home, the business and the stormwater drain.

Our vision is for the world’s waters to be clean water, free of plastic and urban pollution.


Petrie Creek, QLD Clean Up

We hosted our second Petrie Creek, Nambour clean-up this year with the support of Sunshine Coast Council and Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group, on a stunning 25-degree Queensland day.
The inaugural pre-rains clean up is critical to removing rubbish and plastic pollution that will otherwise wash downstream to the Maroochy River and Sth Pacific Ocean

plastics cleanup photo
clean up

Join us as a Volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeline of any not-for-profit. Whether it’s helping at a community fete or a riparian clean up, googling up-to-date research, assisting in microplastics research, or seeking plastic alternatives there is so much to be done!

Join us on our path to a clean water future and through your passion, embrace the difference you can make in caring for our planet.

Join our journey by registering below and take the Zero Pollution Supporter pledge to make the switch towards a clean water future for future generations.


Stormwater Shepherds Gift Voucher Large

Give a gift that helps the planet by reducing plastic consumption for friends, family members or anyone you know!

Stormwater Shepherds Beewax Foodwrap 600 size

100% cotton with a beeswax barrier, the three-pack of various sizes to cover anything from a piece of fruit to a sandwich, to a large bowl.

We’re working with Australian owned companies selling Australian-made products, when available, our range of plastic replacements is a great start to switching to eco-friendly alternatives.


Stormwater: The pollution highway to our waterways and oceans

With plastic and urban pollution the largest killer of aquatic life, we need to look at how stormwater, a major source of pollution to our inland waterways and oceans, is managed.
This month we will examine plastic pollution, its impact on all lifeforms, including humans and what we can do to limit or stop polluting our waterways.

Plastic Pollution
Marine Animal Whale

How Important are our Oceans?

Our oceans are critical to the health of all the planet’s life forms, including human beings. Why? 50% of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean, and 75% of the world’s life is in the ocean. Oceans absorb 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere, provide medicinal products that help fight arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease, and most importantly regulate our planet’s climate.

DID YOU KNOW? The most effective way to reduce these harmful effects is to prevent them from entering our waterways. We can all make small changes in our daily lives to help reduce our consumption of single-use plastic and other polluting habits. Please keep an eye open for our newsletter to learn about easy but critical changes to our social living.

The more people who share our voice, the bigger impact we can make on the devastating effects of plastic and urban pollution.

See you soon for our next newsletter 🙂

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