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Webinar: Multiple Benefits of SuDS: Water Quality – Part 1

Webinar multiple Benefits Of Suds

We all depend on access to clean water for our survival, wellbeing, and daily activities. More often than not however, we don’t exactly know where our water comes from, how it’s treated, and how urban pollution can affect the water quality in our communities. Moreover, few of us fully understand how urban runoff impacts the health of our waterways, which in turn impacts the health of our rivers, lakes, and the ocean.


As concerned individuals who deeply care about our personal and environmental wellbeing, it’s important for us to be aware of these key issues. We need to know about how urban runoff is managed in our communities, what systems for treatment our local governments have in place, and how we can help drive improvements.


In this webinar, we hear from our Stormwater Shepherds UK Director Jo Bradley talk about the infrastructure that communities can use to manage their runoff. She gives us an inside look into the technical issues that engineers need to consider when designing treatment systems for urban runoff.

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