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Ryde Council Sustainability Festival – 5 June 2022

Ryde Council Sustainability Festival

Check out our stall and attend our workshops at the Ryde Council Sustainability Festival – Sunday 5th June – with bookings available throughout the day.

With a goal to promote sustainable living, waste reduction, biodiversity of our natural habitats and resilience in our community, the festival is the perfect opportunity for us to get out in the community and teach the importance of improving stormwater management. Entry is free with the festival running from 10AM to 2PM.

Through our workshops, Stormwater Shepherds Mary Rayner will be taking attendees on a journey to polluted aquatic environments and examine key issues – such as the impacts of stormwater pollution on aquatic life and the ways these propagate throughout our food chains.

We will explore how impervious surfaces convey stormwater and how it carries all types of pollution – like plastic litter, sediment, dangerous chemicals, and road runoff. Without stormwater management, these pollutants threaten our waterways and endanger our environment.

Our stall will also be open with plastic-free products available for purchase and plenty of information about becoming a Stormwater Shepherds Zero Pollution Supporter.

This year’s venue is Tuckwell Park, found on the corner of Tuckwell Place and Fontenoy Road in Macquarie Park, with plenty of on-site parking – only a few minutes away from Macquarie Shopping Centre. With expectations that this year will be their biggest on record, this is a great event for families to learn more about the environment and how everyone can contribute to reducing their footprint when it comes to stormwater quality and quantity.

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