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Our First Springfield Lakes Clean-Up for 2023: Ensuring Sustainable Outcomes on Spring Lake

We thank our enthusiastic volunteers for an amazing day in the Springfield Lakes area, which saw close to 700 pieces of litter, debris and refuse cleaned from the local catchment that feeds into Spring Lake Park and local waterways.

Sponsored by SPEL Stormwater, and supported by volunteers from EJ & Commbank, the March 2nd clean-up aligned with Clean-Up Australia Day. We were also joined by local state MP Charis Mullen, and it was great to see Springfield Lakes’ local representative supporting the clean-up – and helping to create sustainable outcomes for this local waterway.

Major items included supermarket trolleys, metal signs, glass items, and office chairs – which all pose threats to local wildlife and the safety of the local community.

The clean-up was also a great day to consider the correct treatment of stormwater, and the ways that we can treat the sources of urban pollution. We had many amazing conversations with our volunteers about the ways that we can implement stormwater treatment in local projects to capture pollution – from fine sediments, heavy metals, through to larger rubbish and debris.

Well-funded and maintained stormwater infrastructure helps to capture pollution at the source – our catchments. Preventing its conveyance downstream, these assets help to keep our waterways clean and inevitably our oceans too

Our Upcoming Second Springfield Lakes Clean-Up for 2023

As a lakeside community, Springfield Lakes is an ideal place to return throughout the year to continue our work and help support healthy outcomes for local waterways. Clean-ups are a great way of improving local amenity, and ensuring better outcomes for our local parks, creeks and rivers.

Following the success of our clean-ups in 2022, this event will be followed by a second event later in 2023 – currently planned for August. Sign-ups are available for early bird registration, and we look forward to keeping you up to date as we confirm dates and times for this amazing follow-up event.

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