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Meet our


It takes special people to tackle a problem of this enormity. Driven by the impact plastic pollution has on our environment, this dedicated bunch joins an unwavering group of volunteers, supporters, ambassadors and friends to eradicate plastic pollution from our waterways.

Why do we do it? Because clean water is a right, not a privilege.

andy hornbuckle

Andy Hornbuckle


As a father, Andy is committed to building a better future for his children – and that naturally includes clean water. First introduced to the effects of pollution, and in particular the impact of plastic, on our waterways through his association with SPEL Stormwater, Andy saw the opportunity to make a difference.

He founded Stormwater Shepherds in 2018 and plays an important role in its vision.

Mary Rayner

Mary Rayner

Director of Operations Australia & new zealand

Mary is the driving force behind Stormwater Shepherds in Australia. Passionate about all things environmental she has a wealth of experience in fundraising and not-for-profit, including co-founding an environmental not-for-profit-group focusing on reducing plastic pollution in the 90’s.

Mary joined the team in 2020 to build Stormwater Shepherds into a household name and change the current trajectory of our future.