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Launching Our Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant

feasibility study

Launching Our Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant

We are delighted to launch the Stormwater Shepherd’s Funding Stormwater Feasibility Study Grant, with expressions of interest open to metropolitan councils and river alliances in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney until the 25th of March 2022.

This innovative grant will help the successful recipient to identify key issues with local stormwater management, ongoing maintenance and administration costs, and relevant funding models for stormwater asset management. The funding from this grant will help provide consultation and expert advice, including expertise from industry-leading areas of the United States.

As the primary conveyor of pollution into local waterways, stormwater pollution often starts in urban catchments. Downstream problems can stem from debris and plastics entering our waterways, and a host of other pollutants, including sediment, animal waste, organic matter and tyre rubber.

Much of our pollution starts a long way from our beaches and rivers. In worst-case scenarios, it can also lead to the bioaccumulation of chemical compounds in our food chains, and inevitable ingestion by marine life, animals and humans.

Stormwater management aims to implement and maintain the key assets that prevent this pollution from making it downstream. A key pressure to local councils is the capacity of our organisations to manage the ever-increasing scale and value of our stormwater assets.

The purpose of this grant is to help communities raise awareness for these issues and to determine sustainable, fair, safe and accountable funding models to improve the management of stormwater infrastructure. We look forward to reviewing the submissions and contributing to these stormwater issues to help secure healthy and sustainable waterways.

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