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Stormwater Shepherds 2022 Wrap-Up

Stormwater Shepherds Christmas Card

Thanking our Stormwater Community

Stormwater Shepherds would like to thank all our partners, Zero Pollution Supporters & Ambassadors, and the SWS community for an amazing 2022. Throughout the year, we have contributed to cleaner waterways, reducing plastic pollution, and helping our communities learn about stormwater.

We rely on support from our community, and your help is a vital part of creating a sustainable, greener future for our waterways. Together, we can protect our community & local environment by stopping plastic and urban pollution at the source – the home, the business, and the stormwater drain.

We hope everyone enjoys their end-of-year break and look forward to seeing you in 2023 – we hope to continue our amazing partnerships with local businesses, community organisations, councils & all our ambassadors, volunteers, and participants.

Five Ways of Reducing Plastic Pollution This Christmas

How can we reduce our plastic footprint this Christmas? We look at how the 5 R’s can help us take a sustainable approach to our holiday season – reduce, reuse, recycle, replace & refuse.

Become a Zero Pollution Supporter

Enjoying time on the water this Christmas? The holiday season is a great time to get your friends and family on board with our mission to promote cleaner waterways and better stormwater management.

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