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Webinar: New & Innovative Funding Models for the Correct Management of Stormwater


Stormwater assets are often undermaintained, and in worst-case scenarios may be left off asset management databases and maintenance schedules completely. Our latest webinar, with Mary Rayner and guest speaker Dr Victoria Kramkowski, looks at these issues and the ways different stormwater funding models are implemented around the world to help fund stormwater systems and maintain these vital assets.

Stormwater Shepherd’s Mary Rayner (Director of Operations) addresses the many funding issues facing councils and presents successful stormwater funding models from Germany, Canada, and the USA. Well-managed stormwater systems have many benefits for local ecology, economy, and recreational areas – from creating beautiful habitats to flood mitigation.

Dr Kramkowski takes a deep dive into the way stormwater utility charges have been successfully implemented in her hometown of Mississauga, Canada, and the ways these are helping create sustainable frameworks for better stormwater management. With application across commercial and residential properties, these systems help to fund stormwater on an ongoing basis.

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