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May 2022 Newsletter



Stormwater Shepherds believes in creating and sharing resources for stormwater education & awareness, and the ways we can all embrace a cleaner water future for all.

We love educating people about stormwater issues and sharing our understanding of stormwater management – and the ways our vital stormwater assets can stop plastic and urban pollution from flowing downstream into our precious waterways.

Awareness is vital. Our year is off to a great start, and we have presented and contributed to several key forums, with participation in the SPEL Webinar series, Stormwater NSW conference, Keep Australia Beautiful Litter Congress, and the release of our Green Paper (Unmanaged Effects of Litter & Its Effects on Living Beings).


Mary Rayner Presenting

We applaud this year’s Litter Congress and its focus on the key message of ‘Less Litter, Live Better’. Stormwater that carries litter and sediment has many downstream impacts– starting with the smallest organisms and propagating all the way to humans.

Stormwater Shepherd’s Mary Rayner presented during this year’s Litter Congress, and shared important insights into the impacts of untreated stormwater, and the ways it conveys pollution throughout our waterways.

Ryde Council Sustainability Festival

Free Stormwater Shepherds Workshops Ryde Council Sustainability Festival

We are pleased to bring our workshops and stall to the Ryde Council Sustainability Festival (Sydney, NSW) on Sunday 5th June. Aiming to promote sustainable living, waste reduction and biodiversity, this is a great local event for families to learn about the environment.

Stormwater Shepherds Mary Rayner will be holding our workshops, which will take attendees on a journey through aquatic environments and explore the impacts of untreated stormwater on our local ecosystems. Urban environments allow this untreated stormwater to enter our waterways, and we look at its impacts across our food chains and the ways it threatens our local environment.

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Plastic Pollution

Unmanaged Litter & Its Effects on Living Beings

From microplastics to rubbish and tyre-wear pollution, the effects of unmanaged litter has impacts across many ecosystems and a multitude of living creatures. These impacts flow from our catchments, into our waterways and up our food chains – and we investigate this in our newest Green Paper.


Earth Day 2022

‘Invest in our Planet’ was the motto of this year’s Earth Day, and we support this event and its push to end plastic pollution. Collective action is important, and raising awareness for these pressing environmental concerns is paramount – not only do we need to end plastic pollution, but we need to invest in stormwater assets that will help us manage our waterways and keep them clean for future generations.

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