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What can I do to reduce stormwater runoff on my property?

Stormwater Utility Charges

Increasing greenspace and diverting runoff from your property to areas like garden beds or grassy areas and planting more trees can reduce stormwater runoff and let rainfall naturally soak into the ground. Diverting roof rainwater to SMART water tanks for reuse further reduces your property’s stormwater impact. This slows down the movement of water to the nearest drainage system.

In some cases, property owners may be able to replace impervious surfaces such as tiled areas and replace with permeable solutions or repurpose impermeable areas with gardens or permaculture.

Your local council can also develop the landscape to handle stormwater in better ways, integrating manufactured devices with green infrastructure such as vortex or oil and water separators, biodetention ponds, wetlands, parks, rain gardens, and swales to improve stormwater capacity.

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