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Stormwater Shepherds & Plastic Free July 2022

plastic free july

To support Plastic-free July we are adding an extra R to the four R’s- Reduce, Reuse, Refuse & Recycle & REPLACE.

Plastic Free July is a great opportunity to raise awareness of our overuse of plastic and focus on all these strategies to help protect our environment and reduce our use of plastics.

Plastic pollution is conveyed by stormwater, and Stormwater Shepherds seeks to manage this problem and help remove it at the source. This year’s message has a central premise to refuse single-use plastics, and we embrace this goal.

Research shows that up to 8 million tonnes of plastic litter enter our waterways and oceans each year, and to secure a sustainable future for our environment we need to move towards a plastic-free future.


National Plastics Plan: Reducing, Reusing & Recycling Plastic Pollution in Australia

Locally, our policy regarding single-use plastics is changing, and one of the central platforms for outlining this change is the National Plastics Plan. This plan outlines a holistic approach to increasing recycling, finding alternatives and reducing the impacts of plastic on our environment.

As reported in our Review of Polystyrene Pollution by the Yarra Riverkeeper Association, Australia is poised to phase-out many problematic and unnecessary plastics.

These include plastic packaging that contains PVC, polystyrene and plastics that do not meet compostable standards. We are also looking to eliminate single-use plastics such as straws, utensils and containers.

Together, we can all make choices to ensure that the plastic we use is reduced and that we reuse and recycle. We invite you to become a Zero Pollution Supporter and share our passion for ending the devastating effects of plastic pollution.

Plastic-Free: Refuse & Replace

At an individual level, we can all make changes to help create a plastic-free future. By refusing plastics and seeking alternatives to replace the plastics that we do use – we can all make an impact and help protect our vulnerable environment.

Plastic Free July has reported that participants reduce their household waste and recycling by 15 kilograms per year, and lead to a reduction in 2.1 billion tonnes of waste and 300 million kilograms of plastic.

Stormwater Shepherds supports this cause, and there are many plastic-free alternatives and ideas available in our shop.

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